Ambient Video

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Imagine you are in a room with a monitor playing a video that is so unobtrusive that you just ignore it. Every now and then, however, you feel like engaging with it. In a moment of leisure, you realize that there is no trite piece playing. You become attentive without being driven by a drama you cannot escape. It’s easy to turn your attention back to other things. The affair is uncomplicated, but not mindless.

Video art is particularly affected by a lack of time in exhibitions. Our offer is to give space to this art genre. We provide borrowers the opportunity to live with video art. The videos may be jointly used not only by the borrowers themselves, but also by family members, employees and visitors.

Art libraries lend exclusively original works of contemporary art free of charge or for a small fee. Ambient videos for rent.

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Bootshaus am Südstrand
24340 Eckernförde
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