Reflection of the North

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Works from Helgi Thorgils Fridjónsson, Tuomo Manninen and Kain Tapper.

The art of storytelling is highly regarded in Nothern Europe. Perspective, voice, consciousness, and focus of artists unfold in a special way under subarctic conditions. An unpredictable nature and the extreme living conditions prevailing here have inspired many artists to create works of great poignancy.

There are pictures in which whole stories appear. They sum up what moves the narrator: “Their eyes met, he on the horseback on his way north, she on the train heading south.” What image is evoked by this story? The representations may be different. Nevertheless, they are all true, if they only correspond to the individual imagination.

The story of a moment is by Helgi Thorgils Fridj√≥nsson, the painter of the exhibition’s title painting. Kain Tapper’s view of the “paws” is due to the fact that he completely puts himself in the perspective of an animal. Finally, Tuomo Manninen succeeds with his skills as a director to create stagings that bring the team spirit of people to the very point.

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