Monotypes by René J Goffin

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From 14 July to 20 August, the exhibition space of the Nemo Gallery will be the setting for a series of monotypes by the artist René J Goffin, created in the previous weeks in the workshop of Norbert Weber.

Monotypes are “printed paintings”, i.e. the artist paints with (oil) paints on a surface on which the paint does not adhere (plastic, metal). It is printed on mouldmade paper. There is only one print. The aesthetic quality is fundamentally different from painting on paper. The color “released” under pressure is of high translucency. The machine pressure not only smoothes the deckle paper, it also squeezes paint incalculably, creating unpredictable shapes.

As a printer of monotypes, Norbert Weber works without an order. There is no application. He invites artists whose work interests him and from whom he assumes that a collaboration can be successful and profitable. Success is not guaranteed, because it is in the nature of monotype that the results are risky. A monotype printer must be able to give up prints as unsuccessful (which happens especially at the beginning of a cooperation), he must honestly also be able to admit that the work with an artist does not harmonize at all. As a consequence, one must give up a collaboration.

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