Peter Nagel: Homage to NEMO

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The exhibition pays tribute to the multifaceted collaboration between Peter Nagel and Norbert Weber in the years 1978 – 2018. Peter Nagel had persuaded the intaglio printer Norbert Weber to settle in Schleswig-Holstein.

The exhibition documents Peter Nagel’s many years of work in the printing studio in the Eckernförder Bootshaus. A larger selection of prints can be seen from 1978 to the present day, beginning with the 1978 etching “Kind mit Windmühle” (“Child with Windmill”), through the graphic “Kunststück 1” (“Artwork 1”), with which Peter Nagel participated in the prize-winning portfolio “Position Nord” (“Position North”) published by NEMO in 1985, to the mezzotint etching “Frau mit Zebrafisch” (“Woman with Zebrafish”), which this year was published as a special edition for visitors to the city tours.

A large number of Peter Nagel’s prints are also available in the Artothek, which has been lending original works of art to citizens of the city of Eckernförde since 1981.

The NEMO Gallery has repeatedly exhibited works by Peter Nagel and also published catalogues on this occasion. In the 40th anniversary exhibition of the “Kunstzentrum” in the Bootshaus, the painting “Artist”, measuring 2 by 2 metres, occupies a prominent place.

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